Digitization of accounting processes.

Digital transformation is when organizations redesign underlying accounting processes and systems to align with today’s digital technology. Completed installation of a financial tech stack to replace manual processes. Improved accuracy and throughput of routine repetitive work.

Establish/ Improve Business Reporting.

Implemented digital improvements to budgeting and reporting functions. Highlighted critical success factors and decision making, based on data driven insights.

Management Accounting

Apart from financial accounting, have emphasized management accounting practices and thinking to “drill down” on profitability and liquidity issues. Built business and cash planning financial models to analyze management options.

Working Capital Management

Worked on improving working capital by analyzing and managing the individual components of Inventory, Accounts Receivable and Accounts PayableNegotiate with lenders, interpret debt covenants for its’ relevance to a firm’s workings, and establish confident relationships by providing timely and relevant information.

Internal Control Practices

Prepare records for outside audit and operate as the co-coordinator for auditors in finally answering their queries and interpreting company records and practices.


Played hands on role in fostering an enthusiastic finance team. finance dept. Developed practices independent of individuals.  Able to present the “big picture” to staff on the impact of their work.

Strategic Planning

Spear headed the formulation and implementation of strategic plans. Ensured linkage of financial strategy with operational strategy. Directed the development of budgets based on broad goals and growth objectives. 

Non-Finance Functions

Have been responsible for IT, HR and administrative functions. This involved equipment procurement in IT. Worked to formulate IT and HR policy and functions. Have been responsible for evaluating outside service providers, contracting and supervising how these functions are performed to benefit the firm.

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