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In an ever-changing world, your competitiveness will depend on an agile Finance function. The office of the CFO should be consultative and analytical, rather than recording. It’s critical to do root-cause analysis.

Enterprise CFO

Mohamed Noohu and MSNCFO become a C-suite trusted advisor responsible for a growth-driven FPA Function.
  • Establish GAAP and accrual accounting methods.
  • Ensure FPA has the right data foundation, technology and talent to take on a meaningful organizational role.
  • Target end-to-end processes to increase efficiency, with a bias for speed, to shorten the closing cycle.
  • Produce clean Financials, routine and ad-hoc KPI reports that are decision supports.
  • Establish polices and procedures for each FPA sub- function – AR, AP etc.
  • Digital upskill to eliminate touch labor and “swivel chair” accounting.
  • Do FPA job evaluation, training, recruiting
  • As a player-coach move FPA to higher value activities.
  • Obtain data from clean sheet studies, product/service teardowns and granular level understanding in doing root cause analysis.
  • Negotiations and agreements with Vendors, Service Providers (HR,IT) and software companies.
  • Predictive Business modeling to inform business strategy and decisions.
  • Integrate and collaborate with other functions to establish foundational financial acumen.
  • Meet on cycle and off-cycle reporting demands.
  • Guide business affairs based on data driven predictive analytics and follow through with an action plan.


  • Establish and execute a profit improvement plan.
  • Work to establish clean, organized financials that has 3-to-5-year history.
  • Do root-cause analysis and suggest improvements and changes that benefit.
  • Data room for due diligence work.
  • Prepare historical and forward-looking Financials for business valuations.
  • Represent the seller in the due diligence exercise.
  • Participate in the valuation rationale including earnout provisions.
  • Post sale integration of business into the buyer’s infrastructure.

Project CFO

  • Working Capital inefficiencies – AR, AP, Inventory, that adversely impacts the business.
  • Recurring high OPEX – do analytics and work to improve your bottom line involving P&L and Balance Sheet resources.
  • Business Plan – Enterprise level Business modelling that are complete and locked in, so that it can be scrutinized, questioned and modified
  • Bake operational components into financial models to assess potential top and bottom-line impacts – even as the goal posts keep moving.

Forensic CFO

  • Categorize and analyze past Financials in an organized manner.
  • Establish drill down capabilities to look at source documents and back ups.
  • Use fraud methodologies like Benford analysis to detect issues.
  • Review other third party documents to do cross verification .
  • Present findings in a narrative and written format.
  • Action remedial measures.

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