Moving and Storage Services


Moving and Storage Services: Provides transportation, distribution, travel and relocation services.

Time Period:

Jan 2015 to March 2017


To build accounting capabilities to understand profitability and performance. Ensure actionable information from data and reports.


  • Cured backlogs in accounting work, not following adequate accounting principles and low quality of accounting work being done.
  • Introduced new processes and systems.
  • Retrained accounting staff team on accounting, electronic data entry, and GAAP principles.
  • Engaged a data specialist to develop a detailed understanding of data flows and how to timely reports.
  • Reduced idle time in workers and overtime expenses.
  • Increased productivity through the development of actionable metrics used to understand travel and wait times, distance, and scheduling errors.
  • Positioned the company to establish franchises in the nation by standardizing Financial and other procedures.


The company benefited with monthly and ad-hoc financial reports that met GAAP requirements. These reports became the basis for decision making. The accounting staff had better ability and job skills to discharge their responsibilities. The company became better equipped to identify and cure business issues that were previously undetected. Accurate reports made for timely and actionable decisions.

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