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MSNCFO founder Mohamed Noohu has over 25 years of varied work experience as Controller, CFO, and business owner. His background reflects diverse industries, company sizes and stages of growth, including very large, well-established multi-nationals in the oil services, logistics, transportation and Insurance industries, mid-sized companies in electronics distribution, and several start-up companies. He has owned and operated entrepreneurial ventures, an arena that entails a whole new set of dynamics – business plans, raising venture and debt capital and moving from concept to assembling resources and commencing operations.

He supervised staff and routines for accurate and timely reporting, implementation of digital fin stacks and digital up skilling of business processes. He understands the significance between financial accounting, attuned to conformance reporting, and management accounting, which is attuned to performance analysis. This understanding, coupled with good goal setting practices, means that companies are able to look ahead to deal with any number of financial conditions- situations that may include rapidly changing demand and resource allocation, compliance issues and competitive need.

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Over the past twelve years, MSNCFO has evolved into a boutique CFO consulting firm that has worked with over fifty clients in diverse industries. We are a team trained to provide efficiency and increase productivity. MSNCFO shares ownership for the profitability and health of their clients. We position the FPA work to be adaptive and encourage data based decision making.. This revitalizes the FPA function from a back office function to a strategic capability to participate as a business partner.

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